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Here’s an updated version of my initially told Founder’s story.

Welcome to Lagos; the commercial capital of Nigeria. With over 15 million residents, Lagos is the city of many unthinkable possibilities. Sometime In 2017, I briefly turned my fancy car into a cab for a paid trip to passengers whose destinations aligned with mine just as I have seen some car owners do, and guess what, it backfired! The passengers during a hustle for the car broke my dearest door handle. Sincerely, I only needed their fare to fuel my car. It was not a smooth ride for the passengers but it wasn’t for me because I had to replace the handle with three times the amount of the entire trip fare.

Ruminating over my experience, an idea came to live in my head. How about we create a platform that could cater to those disappointing moments encountered by hardworking individuals? Sounds very basic, right? But after several brainstorming sessions and deep-dive research with a couple of friends and other tech enthusiasts, I was able to have a concrete idea.

Yes, this idea was purely based on personal experiences but from the survey conducted, It was clear a lot of other persons have had such experiences and a solution was needed. I guess you’re probably wondering what the concrete idea is; we initially wanted a to build fuel credit/debit card to reduce the instances of being stranded but during the sessions, we realised that there are more financial needs than being able to fuel whenever you desire.

This birthed the idea of building a financial technology startup that will eradicate being financially stranded and unlock new levels of seamless global banking; now that is the genesis of TellerOne. In due time, I had a team and we started doing research, putting out more surveys and questionnaires to get validation for this idea.

We got answers that in turn formed the basis of our product features and offerings, choice of user flow, and interface. The product team is inclusive of a Product Manager, Product Designer, Developers, and Software engineers. Boom, with this amazing team, a clear direction, and hearts determined to work, we started building the product!

In late 2020, TellerOne® got an angel investment of $25,000 to enable us to commence our product development and set up the Company infrastructure. We have further raised a reasonable amount of dollars in our pre-seed round. We kicked off officially on 6th Jan 2021. As of today, TellerOne is a cross-border digital neo-bank that enables users to have accounts and access financial services in multiple countries. Users can hold money in any currency of their choice, save money, spend money, and send/receive money across multiple currencies. Visit to read more about our product features.

It has been years of consistent hard work, with strong teamwork and hearts ready to take over the world. With love from my heart and gratitude to my team, I am happy to introduce to you all; TellerOnelive without barriers

COMING SOON! #financialservices #startup #entrepreneur #Crossborder #DigitalBank

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